Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6570 and GX2070: Making the most of small spaces

Possibly the world's first front loading ADF printer. Why didn't anyone try this before?

by Justin Choo

Not much happens in the world of printers, so Canon’s introduction of a multifunction printer with a front-facing duplex auto document feeder (DADF) is kind of a big thing. Why hasn’t anyone tried to do this earlier?

Perhaps it’s the fear of rocking the boat? If no one complains about it, then the problem doesn’t exist. Well, Canon has now taken that first step, and in the MAXIFY MegaTank GX6570, it has a printer designed for businesses with space limitations and height constraints. With the GX6570, you can even put the printer on a box-style shelf, with a caveat, but more on that later.

Tight spaces? no problem. The front-loading ADF sure does make things neater.

The front-facing DADF makes it easy to scan and copy documents, including business cards and identification cards, even in tight spaces, while the touchscreen-enabled LCD can be tilted upwards for easier access to the control panel should you decide to place the printer under the table.

The GX6570 uses large refillable ink tanks; a full set of ink tanks delivers up to 14,000 colour and 6,000 greyscale documents. If you print entirely in Economy mode, you can stretch that up to 21,000 colour pages and 9,000 greyscale pages. The maintenance cartridge is also user-replaceable, which can help minimise downtime.

The colour touchscreen makes navigation more intuitive.

The printer features an automatic duplex printing engine for large print jobs. It is also flexible enough to support matte and glossy surface media, envelopes, and labels. The caveat is that you’ll need the rear tray for the different media, so you need to leave some accessible space behind the printer if you intend to print on more than just regular A4. On the upside–if you use both the front and rear trays, you can load up to a total of 350 sheets (250 sheets front cassette, 100 sheets rear tray).

Smaller, more conventional

The GX2070 also catches the eye with its compact form factor.

Canon also showcased the MAXIFY MegaTank GX2070, which is designed for home and small workgroup environments, featuring auto duplex printing and a fast Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). While it doesn’t have a front-facing feeder like the GX6570, the printer has a rather compact form factor. It also features a smaller tank to keep the initial cost of ownership down; one set of ink tanks yields about 3,000 pages of full-colour documents (4,500 pages in economy mode).

The GX2070 is also designed to be user-serviceable, with print heads and maintenance cartridges that you can purchase and change on your own. In fact, the maintenance cartridge can be accessed from the front, so you don’t have to play office twister when trying to replace parts.

MegaTank Rebrand

The MegaTank moniker is part of Canon’s rebranding efforts to draw attention to its inkjet printers, designed around quality, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance.  The GI-76 (for the GX6570) and the GI-75 (for the GX2070) ink bottles are pigment-based and, more importantly, are water-resistant and lets you produce reasonably sharp and accurate colour prints on a variety of materials, even plain paper, and resist bleeding or smudging from water spills or highlighter ink.


The Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6570 is now available at Canon-authorised dealers for SGD799. The pricing and availability for the MAXIFY MegaTank GX2070 will be confirmed at a later date.