Samsung Watch6 Classic review: Let Samsung Watch6 your six for health matters

First-time Galaxy Watch user Aaron tries out Samsung's latest–the Galaxy Watch6 Classic.

by Aaron Koh

Here at Potions, where most of our editorial team is in their fabulous 40s, health discussions are all the rage. We’re all about those real-life stats like weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure–not just the gaming scores! So, when the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 came onto the scene, we couldn’t help but take notice. With impressive features like blood pressure and ECG monitoring, it had us intrigued from the start.

One of our younger team members cracked a joke about checking blood pressure while conquering virtual worlds. We had a good laugh over that, which highlighted the generation gap. Our seasoned members know the importance of staying still during health measurements after all!

For the ladies, the Watch6 carries forward the Watch5’s legacy, offering temperature-based period tracking.

When it came time to dive into reviews, we faced a conundrum: Galaxy Watch6 Classic or the standard Galaxy Watch6? It’s the kind of dilemma any potential buyer might wrestle with.

And, oh, the Samsung or non-Samsung phone question! That’s a lot easier. It cannot work with iPhones. And without a Samsung Galaxy phone, you will not be able to monitor and track your blood pressure and ECG. Also, the Camera Controller app, which lets you control the camera on your smartphone remotely, only works with Samsung phones.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic might have a slightly heftier price tag, about SGD150 more than its standard counterpart, but it promises some extra flair. And let’s not forget the Watch6 Classic, which boasts that nifty rotating bezel, earning brownie points for menu navigation ease. We went with the Galaxy Watch6 Classic to determine if this feature upgrade is truly worth the investment.

We decided to pair the Galaxy Watch6 Classic with the Galaxy A34 5G.

The ultimate decision: pair the watch with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5? Since some of my teammates were diving into the Fold5, I opted to explore the Samsung Watch6 Classic with the trusty Galaxy A34 5G, introduced earlier in April 2023.

The review units that came to us were all in their original factory settings. As such, we spent close to an hour to get both devices updated, though the pairing of the two was smooth and instant. If you are already using a Samsung phone, the updates to the phone should have already been done, and the smartphone may just require a few updates.

ECG & Blood Pressure Readings – A Matter Close To The Heart

My excitement to test the ECG and blood pressure readings feature was momentarily stalled by the need to install the Samsung Health Monitor app required a mobile signal in order to work. Given that I only had one SIM card on hand, it took me a while to decide if I should switch SIM cards from my regular phone for this review. 

With the setup done, the enthusiasm came back and I was ready to get my blood pressure and ECG from the Galaxy Watch6 Classic. 

ECG Reading App reminds you that it is not meant to look for heart attacks!

The ECG reading was the easy part. If the watch is on your left hand, you place your right thumb on the right side of the phone while your index finger is placed on the left upper button on the watch.  

Blood pressure? The Galaxy Watch6 Classic’s got you covered, but first, calibration. You’ll need to do this with a cuff-based reader for the first time and every 28 days thereafter. Having one at home made it a snap. If you do not have a cuff-based blood pressure reader at home, you will have to take the opportunity to calibrate it at your next visit to the doctor. 

Comparing my watch’s readings to the cuff’s, they were remarkably similar. Despite my wireless cuff preference, the convenience of wrist-based readings on the fly is hard to beat.

The watch goes above and beyond, measuring body composition–muscles, fat, and water–by sending microcurrents through your fingers. Just find your comfy finger pose and let the magic happen.

Oh, and sleep tracking! While I wasn’t the best candidate due to my pre-sleep watch removal habit, the Galaxy Watch6’s insights could lead to some serious shut-eye improvement.

Activity Tracking, Here We Come!

How Active Are You Today?

In Singapore’s tight spaces, joggers often pause at traffic lights. Enter the Galaxy Watch6, gracefully stopping and resuming activity tracking, even for the most absent-minded among us.

Missed starting your activity app? No worries. If you’re walking or jogging for 10 minutes, the watch will remind you and kick into action. Stop, and it stops tracking – simple as that.

Size Matters (and So Does Protection!)

1.3-inch 432 x 432 Super AMOLED: Bright  & Clear Even In Bright Sunlight.

Samsung proudly presents the Galaxy Watch6 with its biggest screen yet. Our test model, the 43mm Galaxy Watch6 Classic, was a breeze to navigate–even for my not-so-dainty thumbs. The rotating bezel, a Classic exclusive, is a game-changer for menu surfing.

Each app is a “tile,” and you can have up to 15 of ’em. A twist clockwise moves ’em right; anti-clockwise, left. Inside a tile, a twist downward scrolls down, and up, you guessed it, scrolls up. Plus, that bezel offers a bit of extra screen security, which my clumsiness greatly appreciates.

Battery Boost or Bust?

Bigger battery? Check. The file sheet for the Watch highlighted that the smaller size model Watch6 has a 300mAh battery while the larger size ones have a 425mAh. While they are larger than their predecessor the Watch5, the maximum runtime has been reduced to 40 hours on a charge or just 30 hours with the always-on display enabled, and this is 10 hours shorter than the Watch5. 

But the Watch6’s endurance felt shorter than anticipated. The always-on display took a toll, offering less than 24 hours of usage–sans it, closer to 36. Charging before bedtime seemed ideal, but forgetting sometimes meant a powerless morning rush.

In a Nutshell

As a Galaxy Watch newbie, I’m wowed by its health-tracking prowess and activity insights. If you’re looking to jazz up your Samsung phone experience, the Galaxy Watch6 is a worthy sidekick.

UPDATE: Apologies, we referred to the Classic as the Pro at some point for some inexplicable reason. We refuse to call it a senior moment…

  • 7.8/10
    Samsung Watch6 Classic - 7.8/10

Samsung Watch6 Classic

Price SGD598 | MYR1,399 for Bluetooth version and prices for the Watch6 series start from SGD447.99 | MYR1,099

Features ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅☐☐
Value proposition ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅☐☐☐
Performance ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅☐☐
Design and build quality ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅☐☐

Great health and activity tracking features, with some caveats, packed in a sleek smartwatch. I would have appreciated if the watch had a longer battery life.