Logitech Wave Keys is an ergonomic keyboard that’s compact and easier to use

You don't have to learn how to type on a split keypad with Wave Keys.

by Justin Choo

Want an ergonomic keyboard but not prepared to relearn how to use a split keyboard? Well, you have one new option. The new Logitech Wave Keys and Wave Keys for Business are wireless ergonomic keyboards designed to find a happy middle ground for your wrists.

To achieve this, Wave Keys utilises a distinctive wave design that ensures not only a comfortable typing experience but also eschews the need to relearn how to type if you were to use the more ‘standardised’ split-style ergo layout. The wave-shaped alphanumeric keypad intuitively aligns hands, wrists, and forearms, promoting a natural typing position, while the integrated cushioned palm rest offers continuous wrist support for long workdays. The palm rest is made with a combination of memory foam, high-density foam and knitted fabric wrap.

The keypad itself is undulated to further optimise wrist position.

Size-wise, it’s also a happy middle ground–the traditional split-style ergo keyboard is significantly wider than a typical full-sized keyboard, which is pretty imposing in itself. Wave Keys, aside from eschewing the distinct centre partition, also removes the navigation cluster in between the number pad and the alphanumeric keypad. The compact design also contributes to good posture as it places your shoulder in a more natural position when using your mouse. The keyboard can be further adjusted via tilt legs that can add up to four degrees to the typing angle. 

Wave Keys can connect to up to three devices, including Mac, PC, and iPad, either through Bluetooth or the included Logi BOLT receiver (for enhanced security). You can use the Logi Options+ app to tailor your experience further, such as assigning productivity shortcuts and creating Smart Actions, be it a “Do not disturb” mode or a one-touch morning routine to kickstart your day.

Three colours, but only Graphite and Off-White will be available in Singapore.

Wave Keys for Business leverages Logi BOLT’s secure wireless tech and reliability in congested wireless environments and meets today’s strict enterprise security standards. IT teams can also remotely monitor device help via Logitech Sync. 

Battery-wise, it uses two AAA batteries that can last up to three years, so you never have to worry about coming up short in the middle of a hectic workday.

Priced at SGD119, Wave Keys will be available in Graphite and Off-White starting October 13, 2023, on the Logitech Official Store on Lazada and Shopee and at other major offline retailers.