myFirst grows its family connection tech with updates and new devices

The children get a new watch, the grandparents get a photo frame, the parents get more features for the Circle app.

by Justin Choo

Singapore-based kids-tech company myFirst has introduced new enhancements to the MyFirst Circle app (v2.0) along with two new devices. myFirst Fone R2 is an update to its kids-centric phone, and myFirst Frame is a new device aimed at fostering a deeper connection between grandparents and children.

myFirst Circle 2.0: elevating kids’ digital experience

myFirst Circle is an innovative social community designed to onboard children to the world of digital communities by limiting them to interactions with family and close friends. myFirst Circle 2.0 introduces Momojis, dynamic motion emojis that respond to children’s emotions with vibrant animations and sounds, which adds another layer of expression. The Knock-Knock feature enables real-time interaction through 60-second videos or photos, making it a more personal experience.

More importantly for parents, smart location tracking and classification have improved, making it possible to pinpoint their children’s whereabouts right down to apartment units within a block (assuming that they are at a known person’s home).

myFirst Fone R2: redefining smartphones for kids

myFirst Fone R2 is the newest version of their child smartphone, and it features a slimmer and lighter design that ensures a more comfortable, snug fit around the wrist.  It has a new processor that’s twice as fast as its predecessor, offering improved performance and a super-bright AMOLED screen. The auto ambience light sensor and low-powered AMOLED display contribute to a 20% reduction in power consumption, while a new low-power mode boosts battery life by 30%.

It also features a new Magic Button that adds a layer of customisation, allowing users to access various functions with single, double, or long presses.

Connecting Generations with myFirst Frame

myFirst Frame, is a unique addition to their lineup, designed to get grandparents into the myFirst Circle ecosystem and be part of their grandchildren’s social activities. It’s available in two variants, myFirst Frame Doodle and myFirst Frame Live, and is designed to function beyond just a mere digital frame. myFirst Frame Doodle is designed with a drawing surface with the intention that children can decorate the frame before gifting it to their grandparents for a personalised touch.

myFirst Frame and myFirst Frame Live run on FrameOS, which syncs with the myFirst Circle app across all supporting devices. It displays personalised feeds of content shared by loved ones so grandparents can have a customised experience of their family’s latest updates.


myFirst Circle is free and available on AppStore, Google Play & Huawei App Gallery. myFirst Fone R2 is priced at SGD299, myFirst Frame Doodle is priced at SGD139, and myFirst Frame Live is priced at SGD149.

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myFirst grows its family connection tech with updates and new devices - November 17, 2023 - 10:47 am

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