Zach Snyder’s Justice League: Darkseid and Joker make the cut

Will DC fans finally get the Justice League movie they wanted?

by Justin Choo

When Justice League was released in 2017, it was largely panned for being bland. But at least they had the excuse that Zack Snyder’s unfortunate departure to handle a personal tragedy effectively derailed the production. They might have had the Midas touch of Joss Whedon at their disposal, but we already knew it had to be a compromise.

What we got eventually was a halfway house of clichés and nearly out-of-place Whedon humour – but as far as I’m concerned, at least it wasn’t an incoherent mess, and I thought it wasn’t that bad. But I’m probably in the minority here.

Since then, legions of fans have been clamouring for the “Snyder Cut”; a movie that would have been in keeping with his original vision. Their prayers were answered last year with an official announcement, and now a month away from its release on HBO Max, we get an official trailer.

We’re probably not going to get a whole different story but it looks like we’ll be getting some fan service nods this time around. Darkseid along with DeSaad and Granny Goodness get screen time in this cut, and Jared Leto’s infamous Joker is coming along for the ride. All will be revealed come March 18.