Lunar New Year Cheat Sheet

A light-hearted look at how tech can make life better this weekend.

by Justin Choo

Rather than bore you with a list of gadgets and whatnot to have this Lunar New Year, here’s a tongue-in-cheek list of the only useful tech-related stuff you need for the weekend ahead. (Again, just a joke, we’ll not be responsible for butthurt relatives).


If you’re done having the same old conversation with relatives every year, maybe it’s time to let ChatGPT’s AI come up with excuses or talking points for you. Need a TL;DR overview of Fermat’s Last Theorem? Sure, it can do that. Need to explain to that superstitious relative why applying strategy at your annual Blackjack games is better than their usual looney strat? Rather than frantically googling multiple pages and consolidating information the AI can present all the necessary in an easy-to-understand format.

Card Counter Lite

Killing with kindness is always the best strategy. After teaching your family how to play Blackjack with the best strategy (and the best intentions, ahem) for casual family games, you secretly play your trump card and none will be the wiser: card counting with the help of the Card Counter Lite app (you gotta practice a little at least). In the grand tradition of kung fu classics, it’s almost de rigueur for the master to hold back the last bit of skill from their students for maximum EMOTIONAL DAMAGE.

Nintendo Switch

With families come sometimes awkward conversations, made more awkward with children around. If the usual, tired deluge of Stephen Chow movies isn’t distracting enough, maybe a couple of kids tiring themselves out on Switch for your entertainment might. Bring out those extra controllers, along with party numbers like Mario Kart, Switch Sports, Just Dance, and maybe even Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and watch the hours just fly by.

QR Code Red Packets

If by this time, you have yet to load up on fresh banknotes because of the interminable queues at the bank or ATM, pick up the DBS QR code red packets and pre-load them in the comfort of your own home. At least you don’t have to deal with the triggering sight of people ahead of you taking an eternity to decide what combination of notes they want WHEN IT’S THEIR TURN AT THE MACHINE… 

Air fryer

If you’re hosting then an air fryer is almost like a pre-requisite item to have, given how versatile it is. Be it reheating bak kwa or assorted snacks or fuss-free preparation of finger food like fries and the like, this kitchen swiss army knife will help you maintain the delicate balance between graciousness and IDGAF as polite offerings escalate to borderline unreasonable requests.

Binge weekend

If you’re fortunate enough to not be Chinese and have a long weekend just to chill out, this might just be the perfect time to go all-in on those shows that you never had the time to catch. We recommend The Menu, RRR (if you missed the hype train), Japanese Tales of the Macabre, a Reacher and Jack Ryan double bill, and if you want to hit the cinema–M3GAN is in theatres right now.

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