Sennheiser has a new entry-level audiophile IEM with the IE 200

Not quite "Chi-Fi" (Chinese Hi-Fi) cheap, but still solid option in the budget space.

by Justin Choo

Those looking for an entry-level Sennheiser in-ear monitor (IEMs) can rejoice now that they’ve released the IE 200.

With the IE 100 nowhere in sight, the IE 200 replaces the IE 300 as Sennheiser’s most affordable IEM designed for budding audiophiles, and it’s a pretty good one–the IE 200 is a check-all-the-boxes sort of IEM that gives you a taste without breaking the bank. Watch out for that rabbit hole while you’re at it.

The IE 200 has some interesting features. | Image: Sennheiser

The IE 200 is similar to its stablemates in its use of the 7mm extra-wide band transducer, based on Sennheiser’s TrueResponse Transducer technology. And like the rest of the IEMs in the series, it’s designed to be ergonomic and features a revised braided cable to reduce that annoying rustling you get whenever you handle wires while listening. The IE 200 uses MMCX connectors, so you can always change out the cables for something better.

Most importantly, our first impressions of the IE 200 are good: despite the budget billing, Sennheiser has delivered a pleasant-sounding pair of IEMs with an even harmonic response that plays nice with most, if not all genres of music. It also has another trick up its sleeve in the form of a unique dual-tuning feature: the ear tips can be mounted in two positions, which either emphasise the bass or the treble response.

Priced at $219, the Sennheiser IE 200 isn’t the cheapest budget IEM, but it has a two-year warranty and a very likeable sound profile. It’s now available in stores like Zeppelin & Co.

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