StarHub offers 10Gbps broadband for less than $100 per month

For a limited time, and even then it's considerably cheaper than the competition. But there's a caveat in waiting.

by Justin Choo

StarHub is introducing a new 10Gbps service called UltraSpeed Broadband. The new service features the latest 10G-XGS-PON standard, which offers an improved 10Gbps upstream speed over the 2.5Gbps the previous generation tech provided.

StarHub says its UltraSpeed service–which is currently on trial–also adds a layer of network resiliency through segment routing technology for a stable and secure connection for each user for a “truly worry-free network experience.” 

The service costs $119.90 monthly (24-month contract) and delivery and installation of the network equipment come free of charge. It’s considerably cheaper than Singtel’s XG-PON service, which costs $193.80 per month, even with the perks included. And for a limited time, it’s priced at $99.90 per month (Priority Sign-up, also 24-month contract).

Starhub also offers three routers for this service: the Nokia Beacon 2 (an additional $5.05 per month), the Linksys MX2001 (an additional $8.07 per month) and the Linksys MX4200 (an additional $12.11 per month).

Do note that these routers are limited to Gigabit (1Gbps) WAN. To get the most out of that big-ass pipeline, you’ll need a router like the Netgear AX6000 (RBR860S), which isn’t sold here, or the ASUS AX89X, which is available here. Both offer 10Gbps WAN ports, while the latter also has a dedicated 10Gbps LAN for those who need to move data around at breakneck speeds. (Seriously though, do you need to?) 

There is one catch–kind of. The trial officially ends on 30 June 2023, and the 10Gbps speed will be maintained. In the event that the speed boost benefit is removed before the end of the contract period, StarHub will revert the service to a 2Gbps plan, and revise your contract price accordingly. So on the one hand, it seems unlikely that the downgrade will happen, at the same time you have to be fine with a 2Gbps plan in a worst-case scenario–buying that 10Gbps router is going to entail some risk, though.

If you’re still keen on this, register your interest for an early trial at

Update 1: I missed out the post-trial period terms and conditions. Apologies for that, because it’s a big deal.

Update 2: Rephrased for clarity.

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