The new Apple 24″ iMac with 3nm M3 chip is faster, slimmer, and more colourful

Slim is in, and you can game with it too, now that the M3 supports ray tracing and mesh shading.

by Justin Choo

Apple has announced a new 24-inch iMac. Sorry, boys and girls, no 27-inch yet.

With the new M3 chip (more about it here), the iMac is up to twice as quick as the M1 iMac. It’s also up to 2.5 times faster than the most popular 27-inch and four times faster than the most powerful 21.5-inch Intel-based models.

Apple says that compared to the previous 24” iMac, the performance numbers are as such:

  • 30% faster browsing with Safari.
  • 30% faster performance in apps like Microsoft Excel.
  • Games load faster with up to 50% faster frame rates.
  • three times more streams of 4K video editing.
  • two times faster video projects in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • two times faster photo processing in apps like Adobe Photoshop.

For the fastidious, you can get all matching accessories.

The numbers may feel ‘meh’ for those who aren’t that concerned about knowing exactly how fast the machine is relatively, but one number will definitely catch your attention: 11.5mm thickness. The remarkably thin form factor is made possible by M3 and will satisfy many a dream for an uber-sleek desktop computer.

It’s complemented by a vibrant, P3-grade, 4.5K Retina display with 11.3 million pixels and with over 500 nits of brightness for a vibrant screen. Will it take your eye off the equally cool colours–there are seven of them–that you can choose from? Probably. And colour-matching keyboards (Touch ID optional), mice and trackpad.

You won’t find any boring, stuffy desktops here; practically a rainbow of colours to choose from.

Multimedia-wise, the new iMac seems well-equipped enough. The 1080p camera and “studio-quality” microphone are complemented by a six-speaker sound system that supports Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos audio tracks. In terms of connectivity, you get Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth v5.3, two Thunderbolt USB-Cs and two regular USB-Cs. Some models will support up to a 6K display.

The new 24” iMac will be available for order starting November 1 from the Apple online store, with in-store availability starting from November 7. Prices start at SGD1,899 for the 8-core GPU model and SGD2,199 for the 10-core GPU model.