The Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition receives game-changing update

It is proper bragging rights because Razer is the first to achieve this impressive feat.

by Jeremy Cheong

Back in February, Razer introduced the Viper Mini Signature Edition to the world and while it was not the most radically designed gaming mouse we have seen, it was still an impressive peripheral as it was extremely lightweight and boasts best-in-class performance.

A few months after the Viper Mini Signature Edition was released, Razer upped the ante and gave this already impressive mouse a game-changing update. At launch, the mouse featured a 4,000 Hz wireless polling rate thanks to Razer’s HyperPolling Wireless technology. With the latest update, the Viper Mini Signature Edition now boasts true 8,000Hz wireless polling, at 0.125ms polling intervals.

With this new update, gamers will experience unparalleled speed, accuracy and responsiveness and give them the edge they need during competitive matches. For more information about the Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition, click here.

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