Everyone’s wondering what Wandavision is all about

The Marvel Cinematic Universe kicks off 2021 with perhaps its most intriguing release.

by Justin Choo

With the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth “the best Olsen sister” Olsen) technically being low-key OP and having the ability to manipulate minds and stuff, no one will be surprised if Wandavision sprinkles a bunch of mindblowing revelations when it drops on Disney+.

In fact, everything points to it being trippy. Given that Wandavision is set in a post-Infinity War world, the return of Vision (Paul Bettany) is the first big question mark – if the Infinity Gauntlet couldn’t bring him back, then what loophole can? But this is Marvel, so no death is ever permanent, and I suppose the how is what they’re teasing.

The nine-episode mini-series sees Maximoff and Vision in their everyday married life, hiding their powers and trying to be ’normal’. Going by their dress sense and the decor, the time period seems to span from the 50s to the present, which is in itself a major question mark.

Director Matt Shakman stated that the series will be a “mash-up of classic sitcoms and large-scale Marvel action,” and “is really a love letter to the history of television.” (They actually shot the first episode in front of a live studio audience) Head writer Jac Schaeffer adds that the couple will “move through the various eras of sitcoms as the series progresses.”

I suppose the why is what they’re teasing.

The only clue we have lies in the fact that (although not displayed in the MCU) the Scarlet Witch is in the comic book series, technically an Omega level mutant (holy crap level) with the power of Chaos Magic, which makes her powerful enough to warp the very fabric of reality – yes, she is a walking retcon machine.

Whether you follow the Marvel enough to know that Scarlet Witch is the most powerful hero in their lineup or not, Wandavision looks like an entertaining – and significant – series to kick off 2021 and the new phase of the MCU.