Darkest Dungeon total conversion mod enters Early Access on March 25

After receiving blessings from the original devs, the Black Reliquary now has its own Steam page.

by Jeremy Cheong

While I love third-party or player-made modifications (mods), I understand it is usually quite an iffy proposition for game developers. While some mods can help fix bugs, and add content and features, others do quite the opposite and add unnecessary features that might break the game.

However, this time around we are looking at the brighter side of things for a very grim game. If you have already played Darkest Dungeon to death or to the point of it breaking your sanity, you can now go back and do it all over again with a totally new experience with the Black Reliquary mod, which has not only received the blessings from the game’s developers, Red Hook but now also has its own Steam page.

This is a total conversion mod that adds a heaping amount of changes such as a gameplay overhaul, an entirely new campaign, setting, characters, narration, music, enemies, playable heroes and a lot more.

According to the information provided to PCGamer, “the story will follow a band of heroes as they delve into the Black Reliquary, a monolithic structure in a desolate desert known only as The Valley.” Instead of a ricketty carriage, you will now traverse the Valley in an airship known as the Flameseeker and reunite with an old acquaintance as you assault the mysterious Black Reliquary.

Since the release of Darkest Dungeon 2 is still two months away, the Black Reliquary mod will be a good way for you to scratch that itch to punish yourself. It will be available completely free via Steam but will require you to own the original Darkest Dungeon and its Shieldbreaker and the Crimson Court DLCs.

Source: PCGamer & Steam

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