LoL Wild Rift: The true Legend lands on mobile

Will Wild Rift be the definitive MoBA for mobile gamers?

by Justin Choo

For many years, Mobile Legends stood alone. Vain Glory tried but didn’t get close. Arena of Valor did well, but people generally prefer the casual nature of the former. But now the copied, the OG, has its own mobile MOBA in the form of League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Mobile Legends (ML) succeeded because it made MOBA accessible, and Singapore-based Riot Games has a big challenge on their hands to win the crowds over. Not that they have to, but since Mobile Legends is essentially a homage to League of Legends… no pressure there.

LoL’s cast of characters are well-loved enough to earn a large fanbase of cosplayers and fans will be glad to know that its iconic lineup of champions will make their way to the mobile version. However, for the moment at least, there will only be 49 champions released at launch, but that’s still quite a fair number of characters for fans – or new players, for that matter – to try.

As mobile phones have clear limitations with regards to control mechanics, Wild Rift will have simplified controls for ease of use and game mechanics will be streamlined to speed up gameplay. For example, there will not be any base turrets to protect the Nexus.

Still, the game looks complex enough to set the two games apart. Wild Rift has more mechanics to consider and the average times for matches are generally longer than those in ML. This might be a turn off for some casual players, but the upside is that Wild Rift has far better graphics and animation, and better and cheaper skins than ML (not hard to beat, honestly).