Stardew Valley developer teases what is to come in the 1.6 update

It seems like it is shaping up to be more than just a modding-focused update.

by Jeremy Cheong

Back in April, Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone tweeted that he was working on the 1.6 update for his cosy farm simulator, Stardew Valley. However, other than the fact that the update will be focused on modding, he did not share any further details. But that has changed because two days ago, Barone dropped a teaser on Twitter about what will be included in the 1.6 update and it seems like he is giving fans of the game more than he initially promised.

The Feast of the Winter Star is Stardew Valley’s version of Christmas. Yes, you are required take part in the secret Santa ceremony. | ConcernedApe

Although the teaser tweet was in point form and did not share details on each point, it seems to have excited fans. Here is what he tweeted:

coming in Stardew Valley 1.6…

-new festival

-new items

-more dialogues




To say that I am not a little bit intrigued or excited would be a lie because the content will definitely give me more reason to replay the game (if I don’t burn myself out with all my other game reviews first that is). Currently, there are already seven festivals for you to partake in and they are a nice break from the daily grind on your virtual farm. These festivals usually have interesting minigames and you will also get to know the towns folk better.

This then also comes to the point of having more dialogues in the game, because a huge part of Stardew Valley is getting to know the towns folk, and befriending them, which then opens up even more special events. Of course, you can also fall in love with them and eventually marry some of these colourful characters.

It might be unlikely, but it would be nice if the new items included a new firearm to shoot this pesky slimes. | ConcernedApe

As for new items, these could very well mean new tools and weapons for you to use on your farm or in the various caves that are filled with hostile creatures. As for secrets, these could likely be new easter eggs for players to discover or maybe expand on certain ones that are already in the game.

Once again, Barone has not unveiled a release date for the update, so we will just have to wait patiently and who knows, maybe he will add on even more content. It might not be as big as the 1.5 update but more Stardew Valley content is always welcomed.

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