StarHub launches an entertainment bundle perfect for the streaming service junkie

StarHub packs 5G, broadband, Netflix and Disney+ into one convenient option.

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The bundle game is strong with StarHub and they’ve added another new package for those who need their fill of digital content.

Their latest package – HubBundle – is Singapore’s first bundle that couples a Mobile SIM Only plan with Broadband services as well as subscriptions for Disney+ and Netflix.

This is what you get for $79.90:

  • A Mobile SIM Only plan with 5G, with a 70GB data allowance, 1,000 texts and 1,000 minutes of talk time ($28)
  • 1Gbps Fibre Broadband ($42.90)
  • 12 months of Disney+ access ($11.98), with four simultaneous screens
  • A Standard Netflix plan ($11.98), with two simultaneous screens

Like the regular 1Gbps broadband plan, you’ll receive a free Smart WiFi mesh router worth $199. On top of that, you’ll be entitled to a complimentary two-year warranty with free post-sales support.

Please note that Disney+ is only free for the first year of the contract, so you’ll need to pay the monthly subscription fee for Disney+ from the second year onwards. It’s still decent value – not to mention the convenience – if you want StarHub’s mobile and broadband plans anyway. You can also opt to cancel your Disney+ subscription after the 12-month period without any penalty.

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