Logitech Brio 300 is an affordable webcam upgrade for work

It checks all the right boxes and it doesn't look half bad too.

by Justin Choo

Are you tired of looking like a hot mess during video calls? In many cases, the easy fix is simply, to step up your webcam game. Logitech’s new Brio 300 series offer Full-HD 1080p resolution, auto light correction and a noise-reducing microphone for an all-in-one upgrade over your stock laptop options.

Priced at $99, the Brio 300 is a budget-friendly solution for improving work meeting experiences for remote workers. Arguably, you can pick up a $20 webcam from [insert your Chinese e-store of choice] and call it a day. Still, when it comes to work calls, you always want that assurance of compatibility with the platforms you use, because we always never check if the cameras work before jumping on a call, am I right? The Brio 300 cameras are certified for use with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet, and your IT department can manage them via Logi Sync.

It also helps that the Brio 300 doesn’t look boring: it sports a funky cone shape design, and is available in off-white, graphite, and rose colours (coupled with the distinctive speckled flair of recycled plastic) for those of you who are a stickler about having a colour-coordinated setup at your desk.

The Brio 300 is now available at major retailers and online in Logitech’s Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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