#HuntTheMouse gold coin, get the $50,000 prize

Looking for a little bit of fun with family and friends? A round-the-island cash hunt might just be the ticket.

by Justin Choo

The fourth edition of #HuntTheMouse will run from 9th March 2023 at 10 AM to 8th April 2023 at 10 AM.

Gamification company Sqkii (pronounced skwee-kee) is teaming up with title sponsor foodpanda for this edition–which Sqkii calls Singapore’s largest cash hunt event–and will be offering up a prize pool of SGD100,000 in the form of 100 SGD500 silver coins and one SGD50,000 gold coin. The coins will be hidden in various spots across Singapore, and you can redeem cash of corresponding value when you find them.

The silver coin offers a decent cash reward, but the gold coin accounts for half the cash pool. | Image: Sqkii

Sqkii also says that this edition of Hunt The Mouse will be the easiest one yet. The company will be providing clues daily on various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram), as well as a real-time map on the game website to help you locate these coins. Circles denoting the vicinity of the coin locations will shrink every half an hour. In addition, the map will eliminate improbable gold coin locations daily at 10 AM, 2 PM, and 6 PM.

Hunt The Mouse gives players opportunities to earn more hints to better their chances by earning in-game crystals, which are used to obtain more gold coin hints, eliminate more gold coin locations, or shrink their selected silver coin circles for a competitive advantage over other players.

The hunt may be physical, but everything else is conveniently digital. | Screencaps: Sqkii

Crystals can be earned either by performing brand actions by partners and participating merchants listed on the game website or by placing orders on pandamart, foodpanda’s online grocery store.

When you order from pandamart, add the scratch card to your cart. A physical card will be delivered with your order, which you scan to obtain the crystals. During certain periods, pandamart will enable upsized crystal opportunities for orders, so keep a lookout so you can maximise your crystal gains.

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