Take your presentations anywhere with the portable BENQ GV1

Make presentations anywhere with a projector small enough to fit in your bag.

by Justin Choo

The jury’s still out on who would need a purely portable LED projector (battery-powered), but I guess I would be interested to know – are Bboys going big with their routines now?

Eh, not just yet, but I suppose this could be good for presenters or trainers. The bottom line is that this compact and lightweight projector – the BenQ GV1 – is designed for digital entertainment first and foremost. It uses industry-recognised DLP tech, so you know what exactly you’d be getting visually, and the coupled LED light source is almost insurance for 30,000 hours of maintenance-free use. The downside is that it’s only suited for darkened environments as it tops out at 200 lumens.

Its tower-style design is somewhat untraditional, but there’s a purpose for that: the GV1 has an-easy-to-adjust hinge lets you tilt the projection lens up to 15 degrees easily. This means that you will have 77cm of vertical image offset for a 100″ sized image, making the projector equally at home on a table or the floor without having to frantically search for a box to prop it up. Keystone correction is automatic as well, so you don’t have to fumble inelegantly with a projector on the floor as onlookers frown impatiently with judging eyes.

The GV1 also comes equipped with a 5-watt chambered speaker, so it can double up as a portable Bluetooth speaker. And with a claimed 3-hour battery life, this projector is a self-contained entertainment unit that’s fully portable and is great for impromptu gatherings, regardless of where you are.

Fully featured, you can stream movies, social media, videos, and music via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB-C and HDMI. It has dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as direct hotspot wireless streaming capability when Wi-Fi is not available. Physical options include a single USB-C port that allows you the play media files over USB or can be used with DisplayPort and HDMI.

The GV1 is priced at $649 and is available on Lazada and Shopee.