Samsung SmartThings Station is a ‘light switch’ for home automation

Not a groundbreaking idea, but it can be pretty useful around the house.

by Justin Choo

SmartThings Station is Samsung’s attempt at an affordable smart home hub and fast charging pad. It’s designed like a light switch to easily activate your oft-used routines with a touch rather than having to fiddle with your phone.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the SmartThings Station also offers quick setup and compatibility with a range of smart home products, including Matter (a new standard backed by Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung) devices.

The new SmartThings Station is designed with an automatic guided setup on Samsung phones with the SmartThings app installed, and smart devices can be linked simply by scanning a QR code.

The idea is that with a press of the Smart Button on the SmartThings Station, you can activate an automated pre-set routine created via the SmartThings mobile app and not have to control individual devices manually; turning off all the necessary lights and turning on the air-conditioner in one step, for example. You can trigger up to three routines with a short press, long press or double press.

SmartThings Station is also integrated with Samsung’s SmartThings Find to help you locate misplaced registered Samsung devices and SmartTags, and the 15W wireless charging pad can be programmed to notify you when charging is completed.

SmartThings Station will launch in the U.S. (early February 2023) and Korea; no news as to whether it will come to our shores anytime soon.

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